Time Management

Enable your team to get more done using the same available time. For more information

Interim General Management

Are you in between general managers we can offer you with the solution to keep your business running and to assist in finding and training the right general manager. For more information

Training & Consultancy

Do you need assistance in running your operation more professionally to improve guest satisfaction and profits? We offer and tailor in-house training programs to your specific needs. For more information

Leadership Training

During this leadership training you will learn how to become the best leader you can be. For more information

Our Mission

Changing the world of hospitality by inspiring its leaders.

Our Team

Hospitality from the heart

Kamibantu is founded in 2010 and run by Barry Doesburg and Marit Karina in Bali Indonesia.

As we are passionate about serving others, this name is quite right for us as we enjoy to work with individuals and companies to bring them to the next level .

Kamibantu enables you to get the most out of your people!

We have 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and helped many hotels and other hospitality companies to get the most out of their assets.